Being Brave with Bruce: Bring Your Own Box

box turtle with pair of flip flops

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There’s nothing like sticking close to home to create certain, well, shortages.

The large shell-less beings really like to have plenty of these soft white round rolls that are sort of box turtle-sized and yet not.

They don’t seem very useful, if you are being honest.

What is very useful is to have your own box. When you have your own box, you can shelter in place whenever you want to – or need to.

All you have to do is sit down and press the button (so to speak) and you are locked up tight.

Nothing can get in and no one can make you come out until you are good and ready.

The most sensible beings make sure they have their own box with them at all times. This way, whether the threat is enormous or microscopic, you know where to go to get away from it all, even at a moment’s notice.

box turtle with pair of flip flops
In times of crisis, it is important to choose your company carefully. The beings who bring their own box with them are the savviest – stick close to them if you can.

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