Being Brave with Bruce: Keep Your Ferns Close

box turtle sits in fern

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When you are small and super-delicious, you can never have too many ferns.

Ferns are so friendly. They are so multi-purpose.

A fern can clean your air, purify your water, shade you, shelter you, even lift you up (literally).

Ferns are nice and quiet, which means they make great neighbors. And they are very leafy and green so you don’t have to go out in the open in search of good scenery.

Ferns are famously loyal.

If ever a large or small or even a microscopic threat tries to sneak up on you, that threat will have to get through the fern first.

This will make a lot of noise (face it, no matter how small and agile you may be, no one can walk, hop, jump or float quietly through a fern).

Best of all, ferns love company.

They love it when you roost up high in their fronds so they have a friend to hang out with.

box turtle sits in fern
Ferns make the best friends. They are also so soft and comfy for roosting in.

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Published by Shannon Cutts

Cockatiel, redfoot tortoise and box turtle mama. Author, writer, pet & people blogger.

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