Being Brave with Bruce: Stealth Box

box turtle in rescue mama's hand

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There is a reason “earth tones” (like “olive,” for instance) are always in fashion.

They go with everything.

Everything goes with them.

This makes olive just about the closest accessory you can have to an actual cloaking device.

While classic olive all by itself is great, maybe you are a fashion-forward box turtle and so you pick some colorful accents as well – say, bright orange cheek patches and whirling red eyes.

You add in some complementary yellow dots and an elegant ivory neck for good measure.

However, these accents definitely “pop” and so you don’t want to display them all the time….and especially not when there are predators afoot.

Luckily, when you have a firm grasp of both stealth tactics and style, you know exactly how to fix this.

box turtle in rescue mama's hand
You can keep your splashy color accents “for privileged viewing only.”
box turtle plastron with hinge
Then for predators and everybody else, you have the olive-colored “stealth box” – complete with handy hinge!

Pearl, Malti, Bruce & their mama


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