Being Brave With Bruce: A Time to Step Up

box turtle with rescue mom

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There are days when it is a good day to hide.

Such as the day you wake up to (are woken up by) the shrieks of the hungry hawk babies in the tree next door as they scream for their breakfast.

Which, in turn, attracts the feline from one house over – a furry, fanged neighbor you have grown particularly un-fond of.

And you don’t even have to have a large pre-frontal cortex (or a meteorology degree) to know it is going to hit the triple digits, heat-wise, yet again today.

Thanks but no thanks.

But then there are days when it is a good day to step up.

Such as the day you are rescued and welcomed into your forever home.

Or the day you catch your first glimpse of one of your new flockmates – a gorgeous young (and single!) lady tortoise.

Or the day your rescue mama offers you her hand and you step right up onto it – like the confident young box turtle you have become – so you can come out for play time on the lawn.

box turtle with rescue mom
It can take a lot of time and pondering to work up the courage. But the day you finally do step up feels like a great day to be the brave young box turtle you have become!

Pearl, Malti, Bruce & their mama

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