Being Brave with Bruce: Tell Tail Signs

3-toed box turtle tail

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Hiding is an art.

It is not enough to just be wearing camouflage.

Or to be very stealthy.

Or even to have the ability to close up entirely into your ground-covered box.

To hide effectively, you can’t think like yourself.

Or even like your apex predator.


To hide to the point where seeking becomes pointless, there is only one thing for it.

You must learn to think like a paparazzi.

Paparazzi are like super fans. They think everything about you is great.

And super cute.

No angle is a bad angle.

No view is a bad view.

This means that just because the front of you is very stealthily hidden, there may still be tell-(ahem) tail signs right out in the open that will attract paparazzi from every direction.

3-toed box turtle tail
When you are this cute, it simply isn’t enough to hide the front of you when – to a paparazzi at least – the back of you is every bit as alluringly cute!

two hearts
Bruce & his mama

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