Being Brave with Bruce: Tall Dark and Climbing

box turtle climbs bag

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Every being has their talents.

Their secret sauce.

Their special skills.

This is never more apparent than when you choose to cohabitate in an interspecies flock.

Your flock mates come in all shapes and sizes.

And their talents are….what is the best way to put this….unique.

Take your small feathery brother, for instance. His special talent is shrieking.

Er, singing.

Your furry brother is a talented lizard hunter. Although from what you’ve observed to date, mostly his talent seems to lie with the pursuing part. (Actually catching them must cost extra.)

Your shelled sister – the one with the red dots – is quite talented at eating. You still haven’t quite figured out where she puts it all.

Here, it can be worth mentioning that some flock members may take awhile to, well, blossom.

You might not always see their special talent right away.

This tends to be especially common in the large shell-less species, whose motto has to be “better late than never.”

It takes the time it takes.

As for you, your special talent was clear from day one.

That was the day you were rescued to your forever flock.

It was also the day your new large shell-less rescue mama took you to the dreaded v.e.t., temporarily housing you in a tall dark bag she was sure would keep you calm and contained on the ride over.


box turtle climbs bag
It is hard to hide such a special climbing talent. Then again, why hide it?

two heartsBruce & his mommy

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