Bruce Explains Box Turtles: Climbing

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Towels make great ladders when you are light, agile and have claws made for grasping and climbing.

Living with two different shelled species is so interesting!

They are so similar in so many ways, and yet so different in other ways.

One thing both Bruce and Malti share in common is an instinct to climb. While both have been known to climb just because it seems possible, the number one motivation I have observed is to escape.

For example, let’s say you are Bruce and you are in your inside enclosure because outside there is a particularly nasty hurricane called “Harvey” blowing through.

But you don’t like being indoors or being enclosed. You especially don’t like being indoors AND enclosed. Thankfully, your clueless large shell-less caretaker has lined your inside enclosure with warm, slightly damp towels for total box turtle comfort.

So all you have to do to escape is climb up the towels until you reach the top.

Or perhaps you are in your outdoor enclosure and the weather is nice and damp and rainy – just the way you like it best. But your mommy doesn’t seem to realize this is the perfect weather for hunting snacks.

Here, you need to get her attention by climbing up the mesh walls of your habitat and clinging there at the top until she rushes to “rescue” you, at which point she will open the top and you can escape.

Bruce’s brilliant plan works, and the moment his mommy “rescues” him, he is home free!

And remember…..

And remember…..

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