Bruce Explains Box Turtles: Vegetation

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Bruce, posing proudly in his lush, green enclosure….which is neither lush nor green anymore.

I was born in Houston, Texas. Although I have traveled quite a bit and have lived other places intermittently, for the majority of my years I have lived here.

This is relevant because, in all the years I have lived here – until now – it has always been hot and humid.

Generally speaking, we would get about two weeks of prime weather in spring and another two weeks in fall. Winter would last for a few weeks, often with plentiful rain and the kind of mildly cold, damp conditions that can make you want to wear just half a coat.

But this all changed the moment “global warming” arose. Now, Houston actually produces a legitimate winter, complete with freezing temperatures and, at least in the last few years, actual snow.

When it happened last year, I lost every carefully cultivated green thing I owned….both in and out of the shells’ outdoor habitats. And you would think that would have taught me to cover them all up.

Unfortunately, it didn’t, and I woke up after this year’s first hard freeze/snow to discover my carefully garaged potted plants were just fine and the plants in Bruce’s and Malti’s outdoor habitats had become shriveled sludge on stalks.

And vegetation isn’t cheap! Since Malti and then Bruce came to live here at Casa Feathers n Beak n Shells, I have become a “regular” at our local Walmart, prowling for “clearance” priced hibiscus and last season’s green vegetable garden leftovers.

I wasn’t watching either habitat this year, since, yet again, Malti is living indoors until it warms up again and Bruce is in deep hibernation.

All that to say – boy are they going to be in for a surprise when they get a good look at their formerly lush, green outdoor enclosures, which look exactly the same except for the “lush, green” part.

And I will have a lot of vegetation shopping to do come spring.

And remember…..

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