Day 114: The Wonderful Woodpile

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There are pros and cons to living the life of a pet box turtle.

In your former wild life, you were free to come and go and do as you pleased.

Of course, this also meant predators were free to try to eat you for dinner (or breakfast or lunch or mid-afternoon snack) as they pleased.

In your present captive situation, there is a lot of talk about “box turtle safety.”

And your large shell-less rescuer has a lengthy list of things you cannot do and places you cannot go, on account of the venerated “box turtle safety rules.”


A much loved, very protected and oh-so safe rescued box turtle attempts to dig under the woodpile in his backyard.
Nothing he tries – not even “extreme cuteness” – motivates his large shell-less rescuer to budge in the “woodpile is off-limits” box turtle safety rule.
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