Day 129: Box Turtle Is Fern-licious

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Box turtles, like the large shell-less beings, come in all different colors, shapes and sizes.

Some box turtles are quite sizable – even stout. Other box turtles are smaller and more streamlined.

And some box turtles have three toes on their back legs – these are called (not surprisingly) “three-toed box turtles.”

Every so often, a particularly handsome male three-toed box turtle comes along, and when this happens, you really want to take their portrait.

But first, you need to find the right backdrop. Something naturalistic is ideal – woodsy, with a homey vibe that says “box turtle in his native environment.”

But you also want to pick something soft, plush, alluring – after all, you never know when a lady box turtle might be watching!

We call this photo shoot “Box Turtle with Fern,” aka “fern-licious.”

Bruce, a solo and suave rescued male 3-toed box turtle, draped in a soft, plush, feathery fern.
Bruce, a very manly and masculine single rescued 3-toed box turtle, cuddled up and cozy with a vibrant soft green fern.
Pearl, Malti, Bruce & Shannon
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