Day 135: Box Turtle Shell Scratches

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Wild box turtles are quite solitary. Even when it is time to make baby box turtles, a manly and masculine solo box turtle might need to travel quite a ways before he even meets any single lady box turtles.

While it can be great to be out and about in nature, roaming through your territory, hunting prey, snoozing and swimming and scoping whenever and wherever you want to, it can get a bit lonely too.

There is no one else but you there….well, you and all the predators who think you look exactly like lunch.

So imagine one day you find yourself adopted by a whole flock of beings. You are wanted! You are loved! You belong! You are waited on hand and foot by a slavishly devoted large, strange, shell-less being who brings you catered meals and tucks you into bed at night.

But still, you are quite shy. You just aren’t used to so much attention. Then, one day, you work up every ounce of your courage and you let your large shell-less rescue mama pat. your. shell.


A very brave rescued box turtle gathers up all his courage and lets his rescue mama pat his shell.

Luckily for the fans, we also managed to capture brief video footage of this historic (and adorably cute) moment!

Pearl, Malti, Bruce & Shannon
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