Day 141: The Box Turtle & The Fence

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The large shell-less being here….

Bruce came to us four years ago with a mysterious past and a desperate need for a permanent home.

Right away I got the sense he wanted to stay with our little flock, which daunted and delighted me in fairly equal measure.

I also quickly began to suspect Bruce could climb anything climbable….as well as many things that aren’t supposed to be climbable.

This was recently confirmed when I picked Bruce up from boarding after a weeklong camping trip.

The carer, who is a lead herpetologist at our city’s world-famous zoo, described his half hour-long search for Bruce, which culminated in the shocking discovery of my boy FIVE FEET off the ground, where he was napping cozily on the cusp of a trailing vine.

But sometimes even the best of climbing intentions might not pan out precisely as expected.

The other day I headed out to the secure outdoor play area to check on Bruce, but he was nowhere to be found. This wasn’t unusual – there have been times I’ve hunted all over only to discover him standing by my feet!

But this time he really wasn’t any of the usual places. Finally, I looked on the other side of the chain link fence and noticed a small head with orange cheek patches peeking out.

A master climber with bright orange cheek patches lets his mommy help him up and out.

There really are no words for his thought process on this particular climb…..I’ll let the video speak for itself!

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