Day 15: Traveling Box Turtle

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As a uniquely adapted being who carries your house with you wherever you go, the concept of “travel” is nothing new.

You are always traveling. And whenever you feel ready to stop traveling and have a rest, well, all you have to do is sit down!

This adaptation can at times present some unique communication difficulties when you live in an interspecies flock, however.

Take, for example, your large shell-less assistant. She clearly doesn’t grasp the concept of what your “shell” is there for.

So every time you go anywhere together, she absolutely insists on cramming you into a dark and unattractive craft she calls a “turtle carrier.”

She then loops this contraption over her shoulder and off you go, bouncing and jouncing all the way.

Attempting once more to explain to your large shell-less mama that your “turtle carrier” is totally redundant.

You have tried everything you can think of – including multiple “visual aids” (everyone knows the large shell-less beings are more “visual” learners) but nothing works.

If there are travel plans, out comes the carrier and into it you go.

Clearly the “visual aids” aren’t working….yet again.
Pearl, Malti, Bruce & Shannon


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