Day 150: Interspecies Family Portraits

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On major holidays, it is traditional to attempt to gather all the flock members together to take a group selfie.

This can be problematic even when all flock members hail from the same species.

When the flock consists of multiple species, the problems tend to multiply.

You can’t put the family box turtle next to the family redfoot tortoise on account of how the former is keen to try to make eggs with the latter.

The small feathery family member doesn’t want anything to do with either shelled family member, preferring to remain perched safely on either his Tall Tree or his Small Tree.

The wild and woolly family member has a distressing tendency to try to lick the face of the tortoise family member, necessitating yet another lengthy discussion about “personal space” before the portrait session can commence.

And yet we try. We do our best. We assemble our portrait(s), such as they are, and send you all our love and gratitude for being a part of our extended flock!

The Small Tree, the Tall Tree, Flash Gordon & Pearl
Pearl (top) and Bruce (bottom) – closest we could get:)
Malti & Flash Gordon
Bruce & Malti “parked” side by side
The Tall Tree gently holds his newest grand-turtle, Bruce

Happy Independence Day from our flock to yours!

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Published by Shannon Cutts

Animal sensitive and intuitive with Animal Love Languages. Parrot, tortoise and box turtle mama. Dachshund auntie.

6 thoughts on “Day 150: Interspecies Family Portraits

  1. Love the pictures. Flash Gordon makes me laugh. I don’t know why but just looking at his face makes me laugh. Thanks for sharing these lovely moments with us.

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