Day 162: Box Turtle Color Camouflage

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In a wild setting, color aesthetics can make all the difference between who gets lunch and who is lunch.

So you really want to work your particular color camouflage for all you’ve got.

For example, let’s say you are born with a tasteful all-over olive coloration, accented with strategically-placed swatches of tan, white and orange.

You also happen to have a handy double-hinged shell (let’s call it “the box”) located right on top of you.

So whenever you feel threatened or tired or just want to hang out, all you have to do is sit down in an olive-colored place, close all the doors and windows and settle into your box. Voila – no more box turtle!

But this still may not completely deter predators, on account of your delicious scent.

Here, your best chance of staying off the day’s menu is to settle down in a place where you totally blend in.

Like so. Sort of.

Precious boy. He gets 5 stars for “color coordination.” And zero stars for actual “camouflage.”

Not surprisingly, it can take some time to fully master the art of matching color with camouflage.

While you practice, a great backup plan is to hire a large shell-less MommyGuard to lurk around you and send any potential predators packing!

A box turtle and his ever-vigilant, over-protective MommyGuard.
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