Day 168: Box Turtle Home Tour

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In many parts of the country, “home tours” are a popular way to spend the day.

You buy a ticket and this lets you walk right inside a stranger’s house to see what there is to be seen.

Sometimes they even serve you snacks while you are trampling on their grass and snooping inside their closets.

In nearly every case, your home tour will only take you to casas inhabited by the large shell-less beings (yawn).

But once in a blue moon you might happen across a home tour that is really different – one that offers a truly fresh and fashion-forward perspective on interior design and decor.

Don’t be surprised if you rush home after such a tour, keen to redo your entire abode with the cutting-edge ideas this type of unique home tour can provide.

Your host for the unique home tour greets you from atop his comfy hay pile.
First stop, the lovely watering hole/swimming pool/drinking fountain, complete with exotic floating foliage.
Notice the lush and richly oxygenating green life providing abundant natural accents throughout the space.
A full aerial view of the posh casa from bow to stern, so to speak.
No upscale solo pad would be complete without a plush manly man cave, complete with oh-so-masculine hay pile.
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