Day 177: Rescued Box Turtle Shell Scratches

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Even after you have been rescued and are safe and sound in your new forever home, it can take awhile to learn to trust your rescuers.

After all, there was a reason you needed to be rescued in the first place.

But with time, patience, gourmet wriggling dinners, posh accommodations and lots and lots of love, you might finally feel safe and secure enough to open up those extra-strong hinges around your heart and start to trust other beings again.

You might even – just for a moment and very, very gently – let your rescue mama scratch your shell.

Because it itches.

And because you know she really loves you and she will never ever hurt you.

A very brave rescued box turtle lets his rescue mama scratch his sweet curved shell just for a moment.

Luckily, a certain small rectangular flashing device was on hand to capture the landmark moment!

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