Day 186: Box Turtle Is Stealthy & Not So Stealthy

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Being small and stealthy by nature, and being able to completely close yourself up inside your shell besides, you can use different levels of visibility to your advantage.

Say, for example, that you have just enjoyed your usual posh hand-catered lunch. You are feeling quite full and are ready for a restful nap. Your large shell-less assistant comes by looking for you.

Here, you might want to choose the “low visibility” setting so you can get some shut-eye already.

The “low visibility” mode is perfect for when you want a break from the paparazzi.

But then perhaps you’ve noticed that your pond needs refilling and this is clearly a job for your large shell-less assistant.

In this case, you want to dial back on the stealth to draw her closer, but still maintain some distance to keep her focused on the job at hand.

Here, the “moderate visibility” setting can attract your shell-less assistant’s attention without the risk of “cuteness overload” interfering with the task at hand.

But then there are times when stealth can actually interfere with your goals. For example, let’s say you notice an adorable red-footed lady turtle wandering around on the lawn just outside your enclosure.

You really need to find a way to get out of your enclosure so you can go work your magic.

Here, clearly stealth is not the way to go expedite your meeting.

There are times in life when only “high visibility” mode will do. Spotting a pretty lady turtle is always one of them.
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