Day 189: The Lady Box Turtle

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Life with a shell may set a slower pace, but it will never be dull. This you can count on.

For starters, every day brings the always challenging “thrill of the hunt” as you stealthily stalk your wild prey.

And then of course you have to make sure you also stay out of reach of fellow predators who may fancy box turtle burgers for their lunch!

From patrolling your territory and sending interlopers packing to selecting just the right spot for your next restful snooze, your days are packed and full.

But then again, some days are even fuller than others.

For instance, perhaps one day you wake up, pop open your shell, stretch your adorable 4-toed front legs and 3-toed back legs, extend your perfect white neck and peer out of your enclosure only to spy…..

A lady 3-toed box turtle.

Could it be? After all this time? Talk about “bring it and she will come!” You already know you couldn’t be cuter, but, still….it must be your lucky day.

That moment when the lady 3-toed box turtle of your dreams wanders casually across the grass beneath your enclosure….

You know this is it. Your big moment has arrived.

Your big opportunity is knocking and by golly, you are already sprinting (okay ambling) towards the door to open it!

A solo and suave male 3-toed box turtle puts all of his best feet forward in hopes of winning the lady’s heart.

Just as you are about to make your move to get the lady’s attention, your large shell-less assistant appears (with her usual terrible timing) and re-routes your lady back into her enclosure, which is situated directly across the lawn from yours.

As she disappears from sight, you resolve to exude even more cuteness tomorrow to lure her back. After all, when it is true love, nothing can stand between you and your beloved.

The large shell-less assistant here….

The little lady turtle’s name is Alfie. Like Bruce, she is a rescued 3-toed box turtle who was just recently plucked from a parking garage and given a posh new pad with some sweet friends. She is staying with us for a few weeks until they return from their summer trip. I do my utmost to make sure Bruce is completely unaware of her existence, although sometimes I wonder what he would do if they were to meet. But then I have to forcefully remind myself that I already know exactly what he would do….and that, as undeniably cute as baby 3-toed box turtles may be, I already have my hands oh-so full caring for one feathered and two shelled VIP clients!

As a special note, 3 toed box turtles (or any box turtles, really) are increasingly hard to find in the wild today. One of the main problems is that “wild” itself is increasingly hard to find. For example, both Bruce and Alfie were rescued out of urban settings where it was only a matter of time – days or perhaps even hours – before they would have been literally flattened by a passing vehicle. It is never an easy or simple decision to choose to “rescue” a box turtle or any animal, in so doing taking away its chance to live a free, wild life. But I personally feel that if the only other option is the animal’s certain death, it is a decision that is absolutely worth wrestling with and making!

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Published by Shannon Cutts

Animal sensitive and intuitive with Animal Love Languages. Parrot, tortoise and box turtle mama. Dachshund auntie.

2 thoughts on “Day 189: The Lady Box Turtle

  1. Hello Bruce🐢looks like you keep yourself busy daily snacking on greens, enjoying the sunshine, taking walks🐢Take Care sweet Bruce🐢

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