Day 198: The Box Turtle Stakeout

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If you are a being who wears a shell on your back, it doesn’t take long to learn you might as well be wearing a sign that reads, “I’m what’s for lunch.”

To further complicate matters, since the shell goes wherever you go, you can’t very well just leave it behind and continue on your merry (and much safer) way.

The next best option, then, is to hide.

Here, beings who happen to be born with a brown-colored shell really have the home court advantage. After all, what is a perfect match for a brown shell?

Brown dirt!

Digging your round, cute box turtle self into a nice pile of brown dirt is not only comfy and warm (not too hot, not too cold, depending on the season) but also creates a natural stakeout where you can watch unobserved until your own lunch skips, hops, flits or slithers into view.

Then you can just scurry out, snatch it, and slink right back into your safe and oh-so-stealthy dug-out to dine in peace.

The first step is to identify a nice secluded hiding spot that offers plenty of lovely brown dirt to dig in.
Once you have a suitable spot in your sights, it is time to commence to digging the perfect color-matched stakeout for one!
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