Day 213: The Box Turtle Selfie

Box turtle selfie

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There is such a thing as “selfie culture” today.

This basically involves snapping pics of yourself all day, every day, so as to feature all of your good sides (you don’t want to leave any out on account of how they’ll feel, well, left out).

This is easier for beings who only have one or two good sides. You can be like “snap, snap” and you’re done and on to the next activity on your to-do list.

But where being a part of selfie culture can get more problematic is when you have lots of good sides.

With enough good sides to feature, and every single one of them keen to get their daily turn, you could conceivably spend all day taking selfies and not get anything else done!

Box turtle selfie
There is a reason some beings choose to abstain from “selfie culture.” They just have too many good sides!
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Published by Shannon Cutts

Parrot, tortoise and box turtle mama. Lover of retro threads. Writer. Author. Mentor. Champion of all things (and beings) recovered and recovering.

2 thoughts on “Day 213: The Box Turtle Selfie

  1. I love all of you however I am coming to the conclusion that Bruce is just Mr. Photo. He is so darned cute and full of expression that I just want to scratch his shell and coo.

    1. He really does love the camera – mostly because he can see a reflection of a really cute box turtle in the back of it! 😉

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