Day 225: Box Turtle Peek-a-boo

Box turtle in ferns

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The key to successfully training a large shell-less assistant is “measured cuteness.”

In other words, you don’t want to hit her with all the cuteness you’ve got all at once.

That could be overwhelming, causing her to faint dead away and shirk her contractually stipulated flock care duties.

A much wiser strategy is to dole it out in manageable, measured doses.

Here, it can help to think of cuteness like breadcrumbs. You want to put just enough out to get the job done, so to speak.

Box turtle in ferns
A very cute box turtle demonstrates how to display just enough cuteness to get the job done.

Having something handy to strategically hide behind can really help keep the momentum going in training sessions. When you see signs of cuteness overload, you can just duck behind the ferns or log or hay or whatever happens to be handy and wait.

Then, when the last dose is starting to wear off, you can resume the training with another carefully portioned dose.

This helpful video uses “visual learning” (always a good training method for the shell-less beings) to demonstrate how this technique can work.

Too much cuteness? Not enough? Just right?
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