Day 237: Box Turtle Finds Fountain of Youth

Bruce back legs box turtle

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It is no secret that being outfitted from birth with a cozy shell is convenient.

As a box turtle who can easily live for 50 years or longer, having a shell can also help you stay looking younger for longer!

By keeping your shell-less parts carefully shielded from the sun, rain and elements, your skin stays soft, supple and smooth….almost like an eternal fountain of youth!

As well, if any non-shelled part does decide to sprout a wrinkle or two, guess what is already right there to hide it from view (if you guessed “the shell!” you are today’s lucky winner*).

Eventually, as the decades move along, some of those wrinkles may migrate down towards more visible areas.

Even so, you can still pull them back up into your shell and shut the box, so to speak, giving them plenty of quiet time and encouragement to do their un-wrinkling.

Bruce back legs box turtle
It is easy to see how a shell can even hide the bits that might be inclined to sprout a wrinkle or two – just close up shop and….no more wrinkles!

*what do you win? “cuteness” of course!


Is Bruce's fountain o' youth working? You decide!

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    1. I know – I thought it was high time Bruce’s devoted VIP fans got to see the full 360 degrees of cuteness! <3

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