Day 24: Humid and Happy

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Being a tropical turtle who is a member of an interspecies flock can bring up some interesting topics.

Take “humidity,” for instance. How many times have you heard your large shell-less assistant complain about the humid conditions in your home state of Texas (something about “frizzy hair” – a real non-issue if you’ve ever heard of one).

After all, everybody knows humidity is the BEST. In fact, the more humidity – 80 percent or higher is ideal – the better!

When it is humid out your supple neck, leg, body and tail skin will look youthful and virile (the better to attract a lady box turtle when the right moment arrives).

Your adorable nares (nasal passages) will remain open and clear.

Your evolutionarily-advanced ears (perfectly adapted for hearing under water and while buried underground – hello!) will be free of infection and irritation.

Your shell will grow into a smooth and perfect dome and your claws will be strong and sharp.

And if you ever feel like it is getting too humid, you can always come out of your wonderful in-habitat swimming pool or your lovely warm marshy substrate to dry off.

Burying in your warm, marshy, humid substrate is a great way to stay as young and virile looking as possible for the lady box turtles!
Swimming is not just great exercise – it is also a fab way to get your daily humidity needs met in full!
Pearl, Malti, Bruce & Shannon


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