Day 255: Box Turtle on a Hay Pile

Box turtle on hay pile

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Here in Texas, hay is a staple… least for the large shell-less beings.

But when you wear a shell on your back, hay is a less obvious choice.

In most cases, you naturally gravitate towards leaf litter, greenery and good old-fashioned brown dirt.

But there are certain style advantages to a nice round pile of hay.

For starters, it is a quite complementary tan/green color that sets off your signature olive box turtle shell to perfection.

Box turtle on hay pile
There is no doubt the tan/green color of the hay provides a perfect backdrop to your flawless olive shell.

Plus, there certainly is no shortage of it – your rescue mommy makes sure of that.

So when temperatures plunge and your body temperature quickly follows, you can crawl underneath all that soft warm hay for a restful nap.

Box turtle with big hay pile
As soon as temperatures start to drop, you can descend down the hay mountain and crawl underneath for a warm, cozy nap.

What does your flock like to bundle up in when it gets cold outside? 

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Published by Shannon Cutts

Cockatiel, redfoot tortoise and box turtle mama. Author, writer, pet & people blogger.

4 thoughts on “Day 255: Box Turtle on a Hay Pile

  1. My sweet senior Tiel gravitates to my neck to cuddle even more when it’s cold! She knows it makes me melt at her cuteness.

    1. I’m melting with cuteness just reading your message. Pearl sends his love and offers for cuddles with your feathers anytime💕🦜🦜

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