Box turtle and Croc

Day 258: The Box Turtle and the Croc

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Wearing a shell on your back is like walking around carrying a sign that reads “I was here before you were!”

Not many beings can say they predated pretty much everything but the Big Bang and bacteria.

However, there are a few modern-day individuals who are still around to represent, among them turtles and tortoises, reptiles such as crocodiles, and (inexplicably) the beings with feathers.

Surviving global temperature extremes and enormous planetary potholes hasn’t been easy, of course. But as they say, “out of sight out of mind” – i.e. if they can’t see you they can’t eat you.

So when you do cross paths with one of your own, that can be an exciting occasion indeed. You want to catch up, share the news, trade tips on finding lunch without becoming lunch, discuss “cuteness” and other matters of national species security….

Box turtle with croc
Oh well, hello there! What an attractive blue shell you have!
Box turtle with croc
And you’ve brought a friend – delighted to make your acquaintance!
Box turtle with Croc
I see you like to stay low to the ground like I do – it is an excellent survival strategy, isn’t it.
Box turtle and Croc
The large shell-less being who is hovering? Oh yes, she is my MommyGuard. She wards off predators and I pay her with “cuteness.”
Box turtle and Croc
Well, yes, now that you mention it, I am still working to dial down the cuteness. As you can see, even a smidge too much and the paparazzi come running!

How can Bruce dial down the cuteness? Is it even possible?

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  1. In my humble but albeit smitten-ness, Bruce will fail miserably at trying to dial down that cuteness. He’s too danged adorable!๐Ÿ˜

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