Box turtle eats mealworm

Day 273: Box Turtle Breakfast

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When you have a shell and you join an interspecies family, one thing you will learn really quickly is that not everyone likes the same thing for breakfast.

Happily, this means there will always be more of your favorites just for you!

Take mealworms, for example.

Plump, wriggling, juicy and delicious – rich and satisfying in every way.

Why everyone doesn’t love them is beyond you.

Box turtle eats mealworm
Plump juicy mealworms – the treat that is quite literally impossible to resist.

It is all you can do not to lick your chops after such a feast!

Tell Bruce about your breakfast favs!

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And we love it. And you tell us you love it. Yay!

But if you would like to “pass the waffles” (or the mealworms, or the salmon) and gift your favorite flock member with a tasty treat, our beaks are wide open and grateful! 🙂

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