rescued box turtle

Day 291: Box Turtle Shell Pats

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As a not-so-newly-rescued-anymore 3-toed Texas box turtle, you are slowly starting to feel more at home in your new casa and interspecies flock.

You decide you want to become a bit more social and get involved in some new activities.

Maybe first you try “head pats” and “shell scratches” and those are very lovely and enjoyable.

So then you decide to book yourself a session of “shell pats” to see what that is like.

You are a little less certain about whether you will like these, on account of how a larger portion of you will be involved in this spa service and you are quite a sensitive and shy box turtle overall.

But you gather up all your inner bravery and arrive right on time for your session.

rescued box turtle
Your large shell-less rescue mama starts by just gently patting one tiny part of your shell….letting you get used to the sensation at your own pace.
rescued box turtle
Seeing you are still holding still and appear to be enjoying the session, your large shell-less mama then gives the other areas of your shell some gentle pats, which feel very nice indeed!

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