Day 300: Box Turtle Brumation Hay Tunnel

box turtle hibernation habitat

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Every species hibernates in their own way.

Heck, even every being within every species has their own special way they like to brumate.

No matter how experienced you are, every new hibernation season can be nerve-wracking – after all, you are about to dial down your metabolism and you want to be sure your sleeping space is sufficiently safe and secure to protect you in this vulnerable state.

In your “here but not here” winter season, striking just the right balance between insulation and camouflage is the goal.

Ideally, the coloration of the insulating material you choose will be a seamless match with your own native coloration, so another being could wander right by and never even notice you are there!

As an olive-colored box turtle, one brumation material comes in head and shoulders above the rest in this department – hay.

Hay is easy to work with, gentle on the digging feet, simple to pull in close around you and a perfect color for blending in.

box turtle hibernation tunnel
Simple, discrete, a seamless color match – hay wins the hibernation materials choice contest hands down!
box turtle hibernation habitat
You have every right to feel proud of yourself for constructing such a masterful hibernation hay tunnel on your very first try.

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