box turtle in hay for hibernation

Day 303: The Hibernating Box Turtle

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One great thing about being a hibernating species is that you get to nap and nap and nap – totally guilt-free!

But before your long winter nap can be stress-free – a very important component to getting the most restful extended nap – you have to make sure you are “set up for success” (a technical term).

The most successful setup will be super-warm, oh so cozy, extremely discrete so even the most determined (large, shell-less) paparazzi can’t find you and, ideally, fashionable.

Anything you choose to do is worth doing with style.

As a continuation of your ongoing, highly successful and undeniably stylish “hibernation hay series,” for this year’s brumation you decide to construct a hay tunnel. It turns out very well.

But since it is impossible to both build it and be napping in it at the same time, the final step is to take your new hay tunnel for a test run.

What you want to do is crawl completely inside it, shut your eyes, and pretend to be hibernating.

This will allow you to assess your new tunnel’s overall dimensions, comfort, coziness and security.

Not surprisingly, given your status as a master hibernation artiste, you find that your newly constructed hay tunnel is perfect in every way!

box turtle in hay for hibernation
A final “test run” verifies that your new, cutting-edge and oh-so-stylish hibernation hay tunnel is a perfect fit!

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