Day 312: The Hibernating Box Turtle & the MommyGuard

box turtle coming out of hibernation

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If there is anything even less pleasant than being suddenly awakened out of the most restful long winter sleep, it is being awakened and then PICKED UP and checked out all over.

Thanks, Mom.

She says they are vital, critical, un-skippable “hibernating box turtle safety checks.” And that it is her job as the official flockwide MommyGuard to perform these safety checks at very regular (oh so regular)  intervals.

But you know the truth. Your mommy is in Bruce-withdrawal.

It happens. After all…..cuteness.

box turtle coming out of hibernation
It is bad enough your MommyGuard insists on digging around inside your carefully constructed – not to mention masterfully stylish – hay tunnel to find you. But then she has to pick you up and check you out all over….in the name of “box turtle safety,” she says.

Watch & Listen: Pearl & his mommy read from “Love & Feathers”

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