Day 330: Box Turtle Social Skills

box turtle on grass

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Being a hibernating species is a big commitment.

From preparing to hibernate, to actually hibernating, to coming out of hibernation again, you can count on spending a good chunk out of every year just on this one project.

That doesn’t leave a lot of time left for socializing.

In fact, snooze for a lengthy enough period and you might feel quite legitimately shy about “getting back out there” after all that alone-time.

But with a little encouragement, you can be on your way to re-meeting and greeting and getting back into the swing of things again.

box turtle on grass
It is normal enough to wonder if your old friends will even remember you after you have been asleep for so long!
box turtle on grass
Here, bringing along your large (overprotective, hovering) shell-less assistant can help you feel a little braver as you get reacquainted.
box turtle investigates toes
Soon you’ll be back to your old self, basking and just hanging out like hibernation never even happened!

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