box turtle eats salmon

Day 342: Box Turtle Brunch

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Being rescued can take some getting used to.

After being so long on your own, never sure what a day may bring, just you against the world, suddenly you are part of a flock.

They do things quite differently than anything you have ever experienced before.

For instance, whereas before the only way you ever got your lunch was if you could first outrun it, now your lunch sits perfectly still (and oh-so-politely) on the rock.

It just sits there and stares at you.

It is hard to know what to make of it.

You keep expecting it to jump up and scamper away.

But no.

And so finally, ever so tentatively, you gather up your courage, arch your powerful neck, open your ferocious jaws, and….CHOMP.

box turtle eats salmon
It is almost beyond believing, but somehow your lunch seems to actually want you to hunt it!

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