Day 348: The Box Is Closed

box turtle peeks out from shell

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There are basically two kinds of beings in this world: those who wear their box on the outside and those who wear their box on the inside.

Clearly, it is far more advantageous to be in the former group.

This is obvious for many reasons, chief among which is how few beings belong in this preferable category.

For example, in many cases, you could be the only member of your flock lucky enough to have an outer box!

(In rare cases, there may be one other “outer box” member in your flock, but this doesn’t happen very often.)

Not only is having a box quite handy for when you just want to power down for awhile, but it is also a great communication device.

box turtle peeks out from shell
An “outside” box is one of nature’s finest communication tools.

No need to spend extra on one of those unfriendly “CLOSED” signs – you don’t even need to turn off the lights.

Just head on inside and shut the box and your flock mates will get the message.

box turtle closes up shell
Of course, some flock mates will be quicker to grasp the message than others….

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