Day 351: A Brumating Boy

box turtle coming out of brumation

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Cold temperatures and cold blood definitely do not mix.

When it gets chilly on the outside, it is going to get chilly on the inside – guaranteed.

This is always the right time to do something called “brumating.”

Here, there is some (lots of) confusion amongst the large shell-less beings about the difference between hibernation versus brumation.

Hibernating is for warm-blooded amateurs. Hibernating might as well be called “once asleep, stays asleep.”

The real pros brumate.

In fact, only cold-blooded beings can brumate – like box turtles, for instance.

brumating box turtle
A box turtle brumating like a pro.

Brumating beings can wake up whenever they like – such as when it gets warmer for a day or few and you feel like venturing out to have a drink, take a soak or scope for lady box turtles (here, hope springs eternal, even in the dead of winter).

Then when temperatures drop again, you can crawl right back into your warm brumation burrow and zonk out again.

box turtle coming out of brumation
Want to really level up your brumation? Add a splash of “cuteness!”

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