Day 357: A Rescued Box Turtle Meets His Munchies

rescued box turtle with food

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When you have just been rescued and are very very hungry, it might seem natural you would gobble down everything in sight.

But that would be evolutionarily unwise.

After all, you’ve been on your own in the (relative) wild since you popped out of your small round white escape pod.

Not everyone you hatched with made the wisest snacking decisions.

And some of your nest-mates made other unwise decisions and became snacks themselves.

So you are going to treat every, well, treat as a potential threat until proven otherwise. You are going to take your time.

If it looks very good, smells very good, stays perfectly still and seems friendly, you might eventually give it a sniff.

rescued box turtle with food
First, you just want to watch your snacks for awhile. Let them prove themselves to you – here, think “guilty until proven innocent.”

Or a nibble.

box turtle rescue eats salmon

If all still stays well, nibbles might turn to gobbles.

box turtle eats salmon

Especially that tasty pink stuff. You could gobble more of that anytime!

rescued box turtle eats salmon
Noticing which snacks proceed most smoothly “down the hatch” is great intel for future snacking.

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