Day 365: Rescued Box Turtle Goes on Safari

box turtle in the grass

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Being rescued into an interspecies flock gives you opportunities you might never come across otherwise.

Rather than observing the strange large shell-less species from afar, you now get to watch them right up close.

If you want to, you can even interact with one face to face!

Like going on a personalized wildlife safari (complete with scheduled nap times and catered snack breaks), you can keep your distance or come up as close as you want to in order to get a better look.

box turtle in the grass
A rescued box turtle takes a good long look at the strange large shell-less being up close.

If things get too weird (like if the shell-less being whips out that small rectangular flashing device she is always waving at you) you can just draw back into the camouflaging grasses and observe from a distance instead.

box turtle in the grass
Cuteness aside, it can feel very weird when the local wildlife starts waving flashing devices at you. This is always the right time to retreat back into the grasses to, as they say, “keep the wildlife wild.”

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