Day 54: Box Turtle Coloration

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Shelled beings are experts at using coloration to maximum effect.

There is a lot more to picking out the optimal shell colors than a casual observer might detect.

For example, say you want to select a coloration that will make it very hard for potential predators and tasty prey (not to mention the ever-lurking large shell-less paparazzi) to spot you.

BUT, you also want to select a coloration that will make it very easy for single lady box turtles to see you even from a long way away.

Challenging, challenging.

So perhaps you opt for a camouflaging color – say a nice pleasingly neutral tan – on your shell. You softly accent this tan color with ivory and yellow spots on your legs and tail for a little extra “stealth dappling” effect.

For your long and graceful neck, you pick out a stunning white – you can retract your neck as you please so you want it to be a shocking color to stun your prey into submission when you are in the mood to do some hunting.

And for your face? Why, bright orange cheek patches are just the thing.

They are manly enough so the lady turtles won’t mistake them for blushing (something no self-assured suave and solo male box turtle would ever do) but still soft and sensitive enough to let the lady turtles know you really care.

A suave (yet sensitive) manly male box turtle shows off his artfully chosen coloration – a masterful mixture of subterfuge and sensitivity!
Pearl, Malti, Bruce & Shannon
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