Day 72: Scoping for Lady Turtles

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When you are an exceptionally handsome male 3-toed box turtle (and even the horrid scary shell-less beings in the white lab coats say so), the end of hibernation and the start of spring means you have just one thing on your mind.

Lady turtles.

Less motivated beings might think you’d be keen for a hefty repast after five long months without victuals.

But even the idea of a plump and delicious wriggling breakfast takes a back seat to the thought of making adorable eggs that all look exactly like you.

And – just your luck – your keen scenting abilities alert you to the presence of a single lady turtle who happens to be your next door neighbor!

A single and savvy (and super handsome) male 3-toed box turtle strategizes how to get from here to there…..with “there” being the single lady turtle who lives one habitat over from his.

NOTE: Bruce is a 3-toed box turtle. Malti, who lives next door to him (you can just see the end of her habitat at the left edge of this pic) is a redfoot tortoise. They rarely catch sight of each other, but Bruce definitely has a sufficiently keen nose to realize she is there.

Pearl, Malti, Bruce & Shannon
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