Day 87: Survivor, Box Turtle Edition

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The 3-toed box turtle is a very unique species even among chelonians (that is what the large shell-less beings call individuals who look like you).

Not only do you have (count ’em) three toes on each of your adorable back legs, but you also have a fancy-schmancy hinged box you can use as your personal safe to lock up all your valuables, such as your arms and legs, your tail and, of course, your head and neck.

And you are a bona fide survivor, like the kind that could go right out into the wilderness right now and rustle yourself up some delicious dinner without any help at all.

But sometimes it is nice to enjoy the comforts of life, too, such as maid service, a security detail and, always a favorite, prepared meals.

You can still “hunt” these if you like, but luckily you won’t have to worry so much that they will try to run away from you.

A box turtle “hunts” his (delicious) prepared blueberry salad dinner.
Even though your prepared steamed organic salmon won’t run away from you, it still somehow makes it even tastier if you “hunt” it first.
Pearl, Malti, Bruce & Shannon
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