Day 195: A Flocking Box Turtle

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Since most shelled beings don’t naturally cohabitate in flocks, any shelled newcomer to flock life can expect to encounter a learning curve of sorts.

This learning curve can definitely be worth the work, however.

After all, being the intelligent, independent, resourceful box turtle that you are, if you are going to do this “flock life” thing, you might as well do it right!

So the first thing you need to do is to figure out who is who in your new flock.

Next, you will want to take some mental notes as you identify the strategies each flock member seems to employ to get their needs met.

Small feathery being: mostly stays indoors and up high and shrieks to get what he wants. Note: shrieking appears to be quite an effective strategy but will not work for a shell – must find alternate approach. However, perhaps getting up higher is important as it may signify rank.

Medium-size red-footed shell: seems to live both outdoors and indoors and mostly climbs up on the large shell-less being to get what she wants. Note: thanks in advance for figuring out a great strategy that another shell might also use effectively.

Large shell-less, feather-less being: what a mystery. Seems to spend the majority of time running around tending to the other flock members, so must have very low flock rank. Alternates this with long periods of sitting and staring at a strange rectangular object while moving only the very tips of her front feet. Note: No real notes, just – strange, strange, strange.

Taking his inspiration from the shell with the red-dotted feet, the newest shelled flock member begins his ascent up onto the lowest ranking flock member.
Perched way up high like the high-ranking feathery flock member, the new shell awaits the shower of delicacies that is surely soon to follow!

And now, putting it all together….!

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