Day 110: The Climbing Tortoise

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In the world of shell-less beings, climbing up something by yourself without anyone or anything helping you is called “free climbing.”

In other words, you don’t have any ropes or pulleys or ladders or legs-up from your mommy. You just see the thing you want to climb and you head over and go climb it.

While the large shell-less beings may like to flatter themselves that they invented this fun hobby, on this topic evolutionary history begs to differ.

After all, guess who was around – and free climbing like a pro – long before your mommy’s large shell-less ancestors were even a gleam in the eye of the primordial soup?

A visionary free climber with a shell embarks upon her most ambitious effort yet.
Starting her ascent….
Almost there….

Watch the acknowledged shelled master free climber make her stunning ascent all the way to the summit!

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