Day 137: Tortoise Stealth Lunching

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When you are an active participant in the food chain of life, there are three possible scenarios that could occur at any given meal.

The first two are fairly well known: you could eat or you could be eaten.

The third isn’t so well known: you could find something great to eat and someone else could steal it from you.

For this reason, if you are foraging about under deep cover in the forest and you find an especially tasty victual – a juicy blueberry, for example – you want to make sure to stay well camouflaged when you eat it.

A (sort of) well camouflaged shelled being lunches in secrecy in the deep forest.

Under no circumstances should you let on that you’ve hit the lunchtime jackpot.

Lunching complete, the shelled being takes the lay of the land before moving away from her jackpot find.

And you especially want to keep your lunch spot and your find a complete secret even after you are full, because you might want to return there again later.

If you move stealthily enough, even carrying “leftovers” from your delicious blueberry lunch won’t necessarily lead others back to your secret lunch spot.
Pearl, Malti, Bruce & Shannon
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