Day 140: Tortoise Home Away from Home

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The large shell-less being here….

When I first brought Malti home, I was sufficiently petrified to expect a steep learning curve with daily challenges.

And those were just the ones I faced while we were actually at home.

It was another matter entirely when I needed to take my little girl somewhere, say, to the dreaded v.e.t. or to her grandparents’ house.

At first, she was so tiny a hollowed-out tissue box made a perfectly suitable home away from home.

A baby Malti modeling the roomy and spacious accommodation in her (upside-down) tissue box transporter.

But then one day I went to pop her into her tissue box and….hmmm. Houston (literally) we have a problem. Clearly, an upgrade was in order.

Malti (right) in a posh repurposed mini-pooch carrier I found at Goodwill. You can see Bruce’s spacious carrier at left – a carrier he still fits nicely into!

Fast forward several months and we were again experiencing issues with the relative size of the carrier versus the relative size of its occupant.

My favorite carrier thus far – size “large” from Living World. Not only was this a perfect match with red-dotted feet, but the plastic bottom detached for easy cleaning <3

We are now at that point every tort mama dreads – none of the largest “small pet” carriers is large enough, and every single one of the “large pet” carriers could easily accommodate her and a herd of elephants.

This blue bucket worked for about long enough for me to take a week-long camping trip before she outgrew it.

The only way I could get her in was to position her on the diagonal!

Currently she is riding around in her red bathing bucket.

I’m not sure what we’re going to do when she outgrows this one!
Pearl, Malti, Bruce & Shannon


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2 thoughts on “Day 140: Tortoise Home Away from Home

  1. How about an acrylic display box. the kind people buy to show off their treasures? Those come in all sizes and if you get someone to drill holes in the side, you could thread a ribbon or something through to make a handle.

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