Day 146: Total Tortugan (Dis)Comfort

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I won’t lie. Even after spending five consecutive years together, there is so much about the inner life of a tortoise I will never understand.

Say, for example, that you are out foraging vigorously on the lawn for off-limits edibles.

A hard-working shelled forager sleuthing out the choicest off-limits lawn delicacies.

After awhile, you get tuckered out from all that foraging. You look around to spot a cozy, comfy spot to lay your (cute, red-dotted) head.

A very cute shelled being hones in on a posh and comfy napping spot.

You make your way over and get settled in, resting your adorable head on a plush and cozy…..brick.

An adorable young shelled being who could nap anywhere inexplicably chooses a cozy, comfy pillow of….brick.
Pearl, Malti, Bruce & Shannon
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