Day 149: A Tortoise and Her Mulch

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If there is one thing that does not describe the red-footed tortoise, it is “gives up quickly.”

Redfooted tortoises never give up.

If at first you do not succeed, try again and again and again and again and again.

If you do not succeed the first day (after trying all day long) then try again tomorrow.

And the next day and the next.

If you never ever stop trying, you have a good chance that one day you will succeed.

Take your grandmother’s backyard, for example.

Perhaps there is a wonderful tortoise-sized path that winds around behind the tall stands of flowering ginger – a path that irresistibly beckons you to follow it in.

You try every which way to maneuver your small round body into the entrance to this space. But something large and green is blocking your path.

A determined young shelled being tries yet again to gain access to the wonderfully cool, dark tortoise path behind the ginger.

Every time your mommy brings you over to your grandparents’ house, you try again. And every time, the large green thing blocks your path yet again.

Finally, you decide the best approach is to make friends with the green thing.

You will overpower it with “cuteness” and then it will move over. After all, this strategy works quite well with your mommy!

Malti and her new bestie, the green mulch bag.
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