Day 173: When It Rains, the Tortoise Wallows

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The word “tropical” can mean very different things to different species.

To the large shell-less beings, the tropics frequently conjures up images of pina coladas and suntan lotion.

But if you have a shell on your back and hail from a tropical location, there is just one thing that comes to mind when you think of the tropics.


Mud is so wonderful. It is so nourishing and hydrating. It feels great on your shell and rough, scaly skin. For that matter, it quite naturally complements your overall coloration and personal style.

Sure, you look good when sitting on dry land, basking in the sunshine, soaking up the tropical rays while turning heads and taking names.

A young tropical tortoise soaking up rays and taking names as she basks in the summer sun.

But just wait until the skies open up and it starts to pour.

That is when the most wonderful substance in the world suddenly shows up all around you and even right underneath you – and you can wallow in it to your heart’s content!

Wonderful wallow-able (a technical term) mud….it quite simply becomes her.

For a few helpful pointers on the proper way to make and enjoy your own mud wallow, check out this short instructional video guide:

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