Day 176: Tortoises With a (Red Dotted) Face

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The large shell-less beings aren’t the only ones who care about fashion.

Style is just one of those interests that crosses gender, age and….species.

After all, the more stylish you become, the cuter you feel – and look!

Let’s say, for instance, after perusing your many style options and choices, you decide to go with a shell on your back and red dots for your face and feet.

A very cute being shows off her personal style choices of a shell on her back and red dots on her face and feet.

Enhancing personal “cuteness” is important because everyone knows what cuteness attracts.


Unfortunately, it can also attract the paparazzi, and here there is really nothing for it but to pose and pose and pose until your large shell-less assistant arrives with your snacks to shoo them away.

An extra-cute being with a shell and red dots patiently poses for paparazzi until her large shell-less assistant arrives with her snacks.
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