Day 182: Tortoise Destroys Zucchini

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Living your whole life in a natural green space, you begin to develop an instinctive aesthetic about what should go where.

As long as you are left to your own devices to garden and cultivate when you like, where you like, things will continue to go smoothly.

But then let’s say you decide to take on a large shell-less gardening assistant.

This comes with certain undeniable advantages.

For instance, your assistant is bigger and stronger and can haul things around for you. Plus, she is willing to slave away at the shiny rectangular thing all day so you can have all the gardening supplies you can eat, er, use.

Unfortunately, unlike you, your new assistant lives in a wooden box where all the green beings are confined to small buckets and quarantined far away from each other and the rest of your interspecies flock.

Suffice it to say her cultivating aesthetic is a bit….weak.

As well, with the interspecies language barrier being what it is, you really have only one training option available to you – “visual.”

Luckily, she is smitten by “cuteness” and follows you around constantly, watching everything you do and often recording it with her small rectangular flashing device.

You can use her slavish devotion to your advantage, crunching down heartily on new varietals you want her to procure more of, while giving the undesirable ones a consistently wide berth.

A small(ish) shelled master gardener uses “visual” training techniques to let her large shell-less gardening assistant know she should buy more of this particular varietal.

In this short, focused tutorial, the master gardener uses clear and unambiguous “visual” communication to transcend the interspecies language barrier and let her assistant know which varietals to procure next:

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Published by Shannon Cutts

Animal sensitive and intuitive with Animal Love Languages. Parrot, tortoise and box turtle mama. Dachshund auntie.

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