Day 209: Tortoise Takes the Most Direct Route

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For beings who prefer to move at a measured pace, the most direct route tends to be the most expeditious.

Let’s say you are happily ambling along when, all of a sudden, you spy a green being up in the distance.

Your cute little tortoise tummy rumbles and you realize you are actually in the mood for a tasty green snack.

If you were a different species – a being with feathers, for instance – you might just speed up your pace to get there faster.

But since there isn’t a lot of noticeable difference between your personal internal “slow” and “fast” settings, you simply set your course for the most direct route.

Here, it is true that the most direct route may not always be the easiest.

In fact, there may even be obstacles along your path that wouldn’t have cropped up otherwise. But sometimes those same obstacles might also be opportunity knocking.

By barreling on through (so to speak) you may even find your green delicacy suddenly lands itself right at your feet!

A small hungry shelled being enjoys the, er, fallout, from her serendipitously selected direct route!
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